Procedure About Web Hosting By Yourself or Host Provider

Web hosting is a service of providing online space for storage of website. Options for web hosting is ensuring you that it is not mandatory for you to have a web hosting to manage your site. You can choose another option to host your site from yourself.

1. HOST THE WEB SITE YOURSELF:- Hosting your website from yourself mean that you need a equipment such as web server, good internet connection and also you must know that your internet service provider ISP allow for this type  of service.

Basically an ISP is the path that takes users to a web site. A web hosting provider is the area where the web site lives. You would also need to have website administration skills such as configuring a web server, patch management (it is the piece of the software that is use to update your computer program), firewalls, virus protection etc.


  • No fees to pay for services
  • You have all control over applications

2. FIND A HOSTING PROVIDER TO HOST YOUR WEBSITE:- This is the most common choice for web hosting. Using a third party hosting provider allows you to concentrate on developing your website, and leave the hosting tasks up to a company who specializes in web hosting.

A web host service provider is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website to be viewed in the Internet. Websites are hosted, or stored, on servers.


  • It is easy and less expensive to maintain
  • Time saving and No any headache

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